Kujte jih, ko so še mladi!

Posted: 01/09/2011 in Splošno, Vadba
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Dragi bralci, preljube bralke,

v enem od prejšnjih prispevkov smo si ogledali nekaj značilnosti kitajskega vadbenega modela za olimpijsko dvigovanje uteži, kjer ste lahko (v povezavah do priloženih prispevkov) mdr. prebrali, da začnejo Kitajci potencialne dvigovalce usposabljati že v rosnih letih:

Athletes at younger ages from 6 onwards, begin from gymnastics work, such as tumbling, handstands, flips and a whole lot of bodyweight work to create a good strength structure. They also sprint and jump to develop their explosive abilities. The coaches believe it’s necessary to start them young, but they don’t lift weights immediately. This is important to ensure the future athletes enjoy their training and consider it as an activity rather than training. Preparing them with many hours of gymnastics and general sports that teach them to use their bodies in somewhat awkward positions such as dancing and wrestling, you train their coordination and help them understand their bodies better. This lasts for about 2 years.

Initially in the first six months, they may play with the stick and practice the pulls and squats under the constant watch of their coaches. It’s probably about 90% playing around and 10% time with the stick. As it progresses, and also depending on the child’s attention span to monotony, it can increase to 30% of the time with the stick practicing technique by the 12th month. The 18th month onwards, the kids start to understand that they have been recruited for weightlifting, and understand the seriousness of their participation in the sport. By now, technique has been pretty solidly ingrained into these kids and they start to toy around with the bar. By now, gymnastics and sprinting by now has dropped to about 15-20% of their activities. This is eventually reduced even more as more time is required for training and getting stronger. By now, these kids are about 8-10 years old.

Na priloženem videu so prikazani rezultati takšne vadbene metode: osemletnik, ki tehta približno 40 kg, naloži in sune 75 kg.

Humbling, isn’t it? Odlična priložnost, da se spomnimo znamenite misli Jima Conroyja:

Just remember: somewhere in China, a little girl is warming up with your max.”

Preden naslednjič vstopite v telovadnico, se prepričajte, da ste Ego res pustili pred vrati, saj nima tam kaj iskati.

Vse dobro,

vaš S.


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