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Posted: 30/08/2011 in Prehrana
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Dragi bralci, preljube bralke,

v zadnji objavi smo izkazali čast trem prominentnejšim predstavnikom powerlifterske skupnosti, pred tem pa smo se kar pridno smukalni po področju prehrane. Predlagam, da v pričujočem članku ti ločeni niti prepletemo in si – v izobraževalno-vzgojne in kratkočasne namene 🙂 – ogledamo abecedo prehranjevanja “stare šole” powerliftinga. Za osnovo bomo vzeli prehrambene smernice, ki jih očrta Justin, avtor strani 70’s big. Preden začnemo, pa kratek uvod – kaj je mišljeno z izrazom “70’s big”? Justin pojasni:

My friend AC and I were walking around the Wichita Falls Athletic Club one day looking at pictures of lifters from “back in the day”. We saw a collection of guys who were simply massive and strong. It made AC shake his head and say, “Man, these guys were…70’s Big.

And it got me thinking.

The physiques of our 70’s Big co-captains, powerlifting Doug Young and Olympic lifting Anatoly Pisarenko, didn’t flourish through bodybuilding techniques. No sir; they wanted to be as strong as possible in their respective sports, and as a result they grew to meet such needs. Guys from this time period were big because they were strong. Guys from this time period were…70’s Big.

70’s Big is synonymous with being strong. It can also be considered the quest of attaining strength and subsequently muscular body weight. The best way to obtain strength is through barbell training, and barbell training means squatting, pressing, deadlifting, cleaning, jerking, and snatching. Period.

There are plenty of people who make it a priority to look like they are strong when they actually aren’t. This would be training for the sake of aesthetics, and the type of training that meets such goals has no part in a strength program. The difference between a physique that has been developed through strength training is very different than one that has been created with vanity in mind.

70’s big” je torej sinonim za surovo moč in voluminoznost – old school style. In kako naj bi jedli, če bi radi dosegli “moč in voluminoznost, značilni za sedemdeseta”? Tukaj je nekaj napotkov v obliki vprašanj in odgovorov:

Which diet should I use to get 70’s Big?

Any “diet” that has a name won’t get you to the top of the mountain. If you’re counting blocks, forget about it.
The first order of business is getting your protein squared away. Your diet is pass/fail depending on your protein intake. You should consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day if you want to grow (1.5-2 g/lb BW or more may be necessary).

What about carbs and fat?

Listen to me now and hear me forevermacronutrient ratios are largely irrelevant if you’re above 15% bodyfat.
Assuming you comply with the first rule, total calories are your major concern at this point. If you have a compelling need to be lean (e.g. you’re a weight-class athlete) you can start tweaking once you go below about 15% bodyfat mark.

I’m going to ignore your advice and ask about macros anyway.

There are hundreds of books, articles, and blogs out there that discuss this crap. We’re not going there. But here is a simple guide to macros. It is not completely technically correct, but it gives you an idea about the concepts. Protein is for building and maintaining muscle mass, carbohydrates fuel your efforts, and fat fuels your recovery. If you’re falling behind in any of these areas, increase the appropriate macro.

How much do I need to eat?

1) More. (hahaha – zakon, op. av. 😀)

2) There is an old business adage, “don’t dress for a job you have; dress for the job you want.” Apply this to your eating. If you want to be 215, you need to eat for 215, not for your 165 pound sprint-Tri doing self. You won’t get 70’s Big by pushing bird seed around your plate at your local hippy bistro. (hahaha, še ena za v anale, op. av. 😀) Start with 125-150% of what you’re eating now and see how that goes for a couple weeks.

I can’t eat all the food. Can’t I just train harder?

Eating is training. Beowulf had Grendel. We have Mongolian and Chinese buffets. If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.

We understand that eating for size and strength, especially if you have a high metabolism, is not easy. The body is very good at adjustment to small increases in caloric consumption. You may have to double your current intake to make appreciable gains. That’s why the gallon of whole milk a day works so well for the lean guys.

What about new age diets?

I don’t care if you know a friend of a friend who got “swole” on a raw food vegan diet. It doesn’t matter that your tofu-eating emo buddy finally pulled 205 off the pins. The rules apply, and you must obey them. Whole milk and hamburgers build a sturdier foundation than sprouts and soy. (Kje jih jemlje, jebo ga? op. av. :D)

What do I eat?

Anything that has a face and can run/swim/fly away from you. Anything that comes from such animals. Pretty much anything that grew in the ground, on a vine, or in a tree. Use some common sense, but select the most caloric dense items you can find.

Hey, what about us fat guys?

If you are a bigger guy with a high body fat percentage already, then your approach will be slightly different. A diet consisting of milk, meat, vegetables/fruit, and fat will do the trick — this is essentially a “Paleo”-type diet with milk. Your protein requirements are the same (but obviously more), and more of your calories will need to come from fat. Olive oil can be added in to do the trick.

No, pa si oglejmo še nekaj konkretnih primerov “70’s big” jedi (več fotografij najdete na spletni strani):

Gotta it big if u wanna lift big, right? 😉 Prikazani prehranjevalni način vsekakor ni “moja šalica” (my cup :P), so pa lahko prikazani obroki zanimiva občasna popestritev jedilnika (denimo, enkrat na 1-3 tedne, in sicer po kakem res heavy duty barbell treningu – ah, kje so zimski časi in pojedine epičnih razsežnosti v mehiški restavraciji? :)). Morda pa se, dragi bralci, preljube bralke, med vami najde kdo, ki se prepozna v 70’s-big-podobi in mu bodo potemtakem prikazani napotki prišli še kako prav. Če nič drugega, se lahko kdaj zmenimo za kakšno družno visokokalorično veseljačenje. Old-school strength diet strikes back – with a vengeance! 🙂

Vse dobro,
vaš Sebahudin

  1. PostaniAtlet pravi:

    Oni ne rabijo bit lepi oz met “beach muscles” 🙂

    • sebahudin pravi:

      Čeprav olijaši v kategoriji do npr. 85 kg vejo biti “hudo spremni”. 🙂 Tisti v (naj)višjih kategorijah pa so že druga pesem… 😀

      • PostaniAtlet pravi:

        Recimo, Lu Xiaojun. Moj idol v teh vodah. Edina razlika, da je v 77kg kategoriji 😉

  2. sebahudin pravi:

    Hehe, boš trdil, da on tudi nima “beach muscles”? 4 da ladiezzz! 🙂

  3. […] kot sem že omenil v enem od prejšnjih prispevkov, je november v krogu Sebahudinovih znancev zelo pester in je mdr. tudi čas, ko slavi moj preljubi in najjači powerlifter-&-bodybuilder-wanna-be ne-more-narediti-superman-sklece ka-čike-maš-zakoj-nej-ka-tou-tebej-bole-rajca-ahhhh? brat Dimitrij.  Ker se je brat ob svojem rojstnem dnevu mudil v domačih krajih – tam, kjer vzšumevajo mure, kot bi rekel rajnki Olaj -, jaz pa sem bil zavoljo nepreštevnih obveznosti zadržan v Ljubljani – ja, dragi bralci, preljube bralke, Sebahudin dejansko ima življenje, nepovezano z blogom (krejzi šit, a?) -, sva z bratcem njegov praznik proslavila z manjšo zamudo, a zato tako, kot se za dva stasita hrusto-kerlca spodobi – z doma narejenim 70′s big obrokom. […]

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