ABC vadbe za medialni del (“jedro” oziroma “trebušne” mišice)

Posted: 20/08/2011 in Vadba
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Dragi bralci, preljube bralke,

pred kratkim sem med brkljanjem po obskurnih kotičkih medmrežja (ne tistih kotičkih, alo! :)) naletel na silno zanimiv blog Picking apart life’s mess: looking at the exercise world with a critical mind, ki ga ureja Mark, ki v kratkem samo-opisu zapiše, da se ukvarja s powerliftingom in olimpijskim dvigovanjem uteži, ima magisterij in doktorat s področja športa, uživa v dolgih sprehodih na obali in dela počepe, dokler ne izbljuje vso poprej zaužito hrano. Simpatično. Blog je prava zakladnica informacij o temah, povezanih z različnimi segmenti takšne in drugačne vadbe (poudarek na vadbi za maksimalno moč in eksplozivnost). V arhivih dotičnega b(r)loga sem med drugim naletel tudi na dvodelni prispevek o treningu medialnega dela (po kmečko “trebušnih”), in sicer:

Abdominal Training FTW pt. 1


Abdominal Training FTW pt. 2

Ker prispevek na pregleden in jasen način predstavi osnove celostne vadbe za medialni del, ga povzemam tudi v svoji spletni kamri. Kaj torej poreče Mark o obravnani tematiki?

Abdominal or core training is one of the predominant schools of thought in the physically training subculture. From pilates, Swiss-ball-centred core training or six second abs there are innumerable “methods” or gadgets to train to get those washboard abs or for sports people to obtain that illusive “functional” effect that sitting on an oversized basket ball can bring.

Yet training abdominal muscles is one of the things that people trying to look good or people trying to train it for sports screw up the most. The first thing that people do wrong is to treat it as some sort of special area of the human body that is somehow warrants a different approach from every other muscle tissue they train.

If you are not getting DOMs or at least some residual soreness after training chances are you are not putting on a training stimulus on the muscle thus you need to progress your training.

In nadalje:

The abdomen constitutes a large group of muscles both anterior, exterior, external and deep. You can dissect each muscle function till your heart’s content, yet in training to get stronger/fitter all we should truly be concerned with is their gross muscle action as a group. In the instance where injury is a contention then corrective or physiotherapy type training can be called upon.

Skratka, če je naš namen okrepiti medialni predel, je najbolje, če treniramo mišice abdomna kot celoto; specializiran (izolacijski) trening posameznih abdominalnih mišic pride prav v primeru poškodb (korekcijske vaje, del fizioterapije). V namene celovite treninga navaja Mark 3 načine ali oblike vadbe medialnega predela:

  • Flexion and Extension
  • Rotation
  • In Posture (Isometrics)

Say wha’?

1. Krčenje in raztezanje (fleksija in ekstenzija)  [klinkite na priložbene povezave za video prikaz posamičnih vaj]:

Flexion or Extension at the hip is a concept most people will be familiar with sit ups, crunches and supermans are all very commonly used exercises. They will offer a training effect but only for the new trainee or the physically unfit much in the same way that a press up will take your development so far until you have progress it. We can progress through the following methods:

  • Using both progressions togetherWeighted GHB raise. weighted GHB sit ups

2. Kroženje (rotacija):

The external and internal obliques are commonly associated with rotation of the trunk, and it is commonly contested among the “functional” training world that these movements need to be given special attention since they are used widely in sport (throwing mainly).

Control of Rotation – Drills that help develop the ability for the athlete to control rotation around the trunk can be of great use for those involved in contact sports like wrestling, mma, judo et al.

Examples of DrillsWindscreen Wipers, Floor Wipers, Russian Twist, Plate Throw and Stop etc.

Explosive Rotation/Throwing – Drills that help develop force production or throwing ability in a ballistic fashion are useful as well. These drills are of use to anyone who throws an implement and also have a lot of application for combat sports such as Judo, boxing, kickboxing etc.

Examples of DrillsMed ball Twisting wall toss, Partner med ball passes (side to side), med ball throw for distance etc.

3. Ohranjanje drže:

To train this there is no better place to look then gymnastic drills whether it be a loaded plank or trying to do the human flag the ability to hold a posture isometrically or dynamically when put under extreme duress has a lot of application for injury prevention and performance.

Isometric Posture – The ability to brace the trunk when under a lot of load is a desirable ability as it allows you to apply forces more efficiently to either a person or implement sports where this is of worth would be wrestling, rugby, powerlifting etc.

Drills to challenge isometric posture – Plank, Weighted Plank, Hanging Leg Raise Hold and Dip Leg Raise Hold etc.

Dynamic posture – The ability to be able to control a position whilst moving the whole body or part of the body separately is a worth while exercise since it can be though of as a progression from isometric posture.

Drills – Candlesticks (dragon flags) and progessions, L-Pull Up/L dip and progressions, Human Flag and Progressions etc.

Še zaključek:

Abdominal training forms a very important part of any regime be it for sport or to look good with a G-String on. The amount of variation one can bring to the table is seldom matched when compared with other areas of training. It is also a microcosm of everything that is wrong in the exercise and fitness world.

The important thing when training is to work hard, be creative and have fun when you mix this in with a bit of rational thinking your on to a winner.

Kot pove sam avtor, je seznam vaj, ki jih predstavi,daleč od izčrpnega, njegova tripartitna shema (krčenje/raztezanje, obračanje in ohranjanje drže) pa predstavlja neko osnovno konceptualno polje, nek bazični orientir, ki nam lahko pride zelo prav pri sestavljanju svojega lastnega vadbenega programa.

Dragi bralci, preljube bralke, naj bosta moč in izgled vašega “jedra” nič manj kot hipnotična,

vse lepo,

vaš Sebahudin 😉


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