Hitler izgubi Crossfit člane :)

Posted: 11/08/2011 in Splošno, Zajebancija

Posredovano po prijatelju: še ena od mnogih parodij na Hitlerjev famozni izbruh iz nemškega filma Untergang, to pot naperjen na aktualne razmere v CF skupnosti. 🙂

Nekaj cvetk iz filmčka (jagodni izbor):

Officer: Crossfit punishes the specialist – the program works all 77 dimensions of fitness!

Hitler: Shut up you zombie, your max deadlift is 315!

Officer: But Sir, my functional fitness has improved – my Fran time is way down.

Hitler: No one gives a sh*t about your Fran time if you can’t even squat your body weight!


Hitler: Off with Glassmann’s nuts! Everyone knows Mark Twaight was the brain behind everything anyway! That f*ck Glassmann just read some goddamn wrestling book! And now he charges these idiots thousands to be “CF certified”!


Hitler: There isn’t even a single respectable pro-athlete that trains with Crossfit! Just some B-level MMA fighters! What happened to the days when people actually wanted to be strong? When exercise was science and not just trying to make people puke!


Hitler: As if circuit training didn’t exist before the movie 300! Those abs were digital anyway!


Girl 1 *sobs*

Girl 2: It’s OK. He didn’t see you kipping your pull-ups.

Prijetno gledanje – in lahko noč!

  1. Domen pravi:

    Marsikaj je dejansko še kako res 🙂

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