Malo zgodovine: o izvoru (olimpijskega) dvigovanja uteži

Posted: 09/08/2011 in Splošno, Vadba
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Kratek šaljivo-zabavljivi filmček o izvoru (olimpijskega) dvigovanja uteži: zvedavemu bralstvu v poduk inu zabavo. 😉

Strength competitions have probably been around for as long as humans have walked the Earth. History has stories from all over the world about lifting some sort of object as either a training tool or a test of prowess. If there was something heavy lying around, then there was probably some sort of contest to lift it, carry it or throw it.

Vse dobro,

vaš Sebahudin

  1. Domen pravi:

    (Olympic) Weightlifting is a battle between man or woman and gravity, which requires a speed and athleticism that is completely unique. No other stile of training will prepare you for it, jet using the techniques of (olympic) weightlifting will help you prepare for just about anything else.

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